Carpet Art Deco is a worldwide leader
in quality, fashion-driven area rugs.

We strive to offer innovative products in natural,
synthetic and eco-friendly materials.

Carpet Art Deco is actively engaged
in recycling products such as metal,
plastic and carton on a daily basis.

Carpet Art Deco is devoted to help
Syrian refugees by giving them
working opportunities in its facilities.

Carpet Art Deco also supports future
generations with a well-designed
and remunerated internship program.

Carpet art Deco contributes, through
donations and charitable events,
to many different causes such as
the MBAM, cancer research, the MIRA
foundation and the Partageons
l’Espoir foundation.

Carpet Art Deco is commited to other
causes around the world and makes
sure its partners and suppliers are not
supporting child labor.